DPW Reminds Residents To Protect Sewer System

The Village of Edmore DPW would like to remind residents that only three items should be flushed down the drain; #1, #2 and toilet paper. All other material is not made to flush smoothly through the sewer system. Please help keep the Village sewer system flowing smoothly by not flushing anything else down the toilet. Unfortunately, some items marketed as “flushable” have become a threat to residential and municipal sewer systems, causing expensive clogs and messy sewage back up in homes and businesses. “Clogged pumps have a tough time pumping waste to the sanitary sewer system when
they are clogged with ‘flushable’ wipes,” said Andy Andersen, Edmore DPW Supervisor. “Flushable’ wipes are not made to be flushed and can cause costly sewage backups into people’s basements.” If you must use a “wet wipe” instead of toilet paper, please dispose of them in the garbage. Remember, the only thing you should ever flush down a toilet is #1, #2 and toilet paper.
And keep in mind: “No Wipes Down the Pipes”

No Wipes Down the Pipes Press Release 3.12.18

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