Special Election for Village President and Trustees

If you voted in the General Election on November 3rd, please read this entire post.

During election day at the Home Township voting precinct a mix-up with some ballots occurred. Since all of the residents of Home Township and the Village of Edmore vote in the same precinct there are two ballots that are handed out. One ballot has all of the National, State, County, and Township races which is given to residents who live in Home Township. The other ballot has all of the National, State, County, Township, and Village races on it, which is given to residents who live in the Village of Edmore. On the morning of November 3rd, 11 Edmore residents were given Township ballots, and 4 Township residents were given Village ballots.

On the Village ballot there were 4 races: 1 for Village President and 3 for Village Council Trustee. Two of these races were won by a small enough margin that the mixed up ballots could have changed the outcome of those elections. Therefore, the legal remedy to address this mixup is to hold a special election. Only those 4 Village Council races will be on the special election ballot. This special election has no bearing on the outcome of any of the National, State, County, or Township races that were on the ballot this year.

Today, November 13th, every resident in Edmore, who voted in the general election, will receive a new special election ballot mailed to their home. If you did not vote in the general election you will not receive a new special election ballot. Once you have your ballot you can then re-vote for the positions of Village President, and for 3 Village Council Trustee seats. Once you have voted you must return your ballot to the Home Township Office (1251 E. Howard City – Edmore Rd.) by 4pm on Friday November 20th. To ensure that your ballot gets there in time the Clerk is asking voters to drop off their ballot, rather than returning it by mail. There is a 24 hour drop box on the front door of the building which you can use to return your ballot at any time. If you have any questions at all about this special election please call the Home Township Clerk at (989) 427 – 3092 of the Village of Edmore office at (989) 427 – 5641.

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