Spring Cleanup – May 8th

The Village’s bi-annual community cleanups will now take place on a Saturday. The next Spring Cleanup will take place on May 8th, 2021. Please have all of your items out to the curb by 7:30 am on Saturday morning.


Prohibited Wastes:

The following prohibited wastes cannot be accepted under any condition or from any source:
• Hazardous or toxic waste as defined by local, state or federal laws or regulations (Hazardous wastes are materials that are ignitable, corrosive, reactive or toxic, as well as listed wastes such as pesticides, herbicides, solvents and their containers.)
• Hazardous waste containers/labels
• Explosives, ammunition and firearms
• Low-level radioactive waste and radioactive labeled containers (including but not limited to TENORM)
• PCBs or materials containing PCBs (including, but not limited to, ballasts and transformers)
• Lead acid batteries
• Liquid wastes (or free liquids)
• Sewage and septic waste
• Oil-based paint
• Used oil
• Hot ashes (including but not limited to cigarette paraphernalia, hot coals and/or wood)
• Materials that adversely affect the liner of leachate system

Conditionally Prohibited Wastes: The following conditionally prohibited wastes can be accepted if the specific conditions indicated are met:

• Appliances containing Freon (Freon must be removed by a qualified person and have a certificate of removal)
• Asbestos (requires proper packaging and handling)
• Empty drums (must be clean and crushed)
• Medical waste (decontaminated or packaged as required)
• Whole motor vehicle tires (must be cut in half)
• Yard clippings or yard waste (diseased or invasive)

Special Wastes: The following special wastes can be accepted if the specific conditions indicated are met:

• Latex or acrylic household paint (must be in non-liquid form)
• Oil filters (must be drained for 24 hours)

In accordance with Federal law and US Department of Agriculture policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, religion, sex and familial status. “Hearing or speech impaired services available by dialing 711”. (Not all prohibited bases apply to all programs). To file a complaint of discrimination, write to: USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, 1400 Independence Avenue, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20250-9410 or call (800) 795-3272 (voice) or (202) 720-5694 (TDD).